JEE.RO volume 22 no.1, 2022 is here with a batch of 11 papers. Most of them deal with modern power electronics issues in electric drives and power systems and many of them contain experimental effort and validation. As you noticed the number of papers per issue has decreased in the two + years of Covid 19 and the recovery even in paper proposals has slowed down, unfortunately. We still have the publication open for free for authors and readers. Needless to say that we need more strong paper proposals in all the wide spectrum of subjects/sections of the contents, if possible/desirable with experimental validation. Besides being archived by in Germany, we are in the process of preparing for the introduction of our Journal in Scopus. For now, we thank the authors and reviewers who participated so far in the publication of



Prof. Ion Boldea,

IEEE Life Fellow, Editor in Chief

Published: 2022-06-30