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S Bhanu Prakash
Gagan Singh
Sonika Singh


Developing the mathematical model of photovoltaic (PV) cell, to simulate the module and predict their actual performance at varying temperature and irradiance condition, is very significant for evaluation of photovoltaic cell, as well as for dynamic analysis of dc-dc converters and design of maximum power point algorithms. This work proposes the analysis and modeling of photovoltaic module using the three-diode five parameter model formed based on manufacturer’s datasheet. The constraints of electrical equivalent circuit of photovoltaic cell are analyzed by solving the non-linear current-voltage equation based on manufacturer datasheet provided at standard operating conditions with reduced computation period by using an effective iteration procedure. The photovoltaic current-voltage formulation is analyzed at three main points specifically at open circuit, short circuit and maximum power point condition. This model is identified to have better performance and precise compared to two-diode model mainly at lesser irradiance and higher temperature levels. To verify the accuracy and conformity of the proposed model the method is applied on two different multi or poly-crystalline photovoltaic module and obtained results were compared by manufacturer performance data. By using the standard mathematical equations of photovoltaic cell this model is developed and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink software.

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