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This paper presents the modelling, analysis, performance and the synthesis of control of Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES), with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This HRES can also be connected to the grid and capable to be, with a storage device, a stand-alone operation. The Photovoltaic (PV) generator is controlled via DC-DC boost converter by using Incremental Conductance (InCond) method to search optimum operating point of this source. The BESS is used to maintain the DC bus voltage at a constant value by charging or discharging this storage using a bidirectional DC-DC converter. The wind generator is controlled via AC-DC converter with an MPPT method that allows optimal transfer of wind power for a wide range of wind speeds. The control for the wind generator is based on an indirect vector control by the Filed Orientation Control (FOC) where one makes it possible to perfectly follow the optimum characteristic of the wind turbine. In a Stand-Alone Mode (SAM) operation, the Voltage Source Converter (VSC) is used for the controlled output voltage in terms of amplitude and frequency delivered to the AC load. In Grid Connected Mode (GCM) operation, the VSC is used to control the electrical grandeurs on the grid. Performed validations by simulation in Matlab/Simulink have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness and performance of the control strategies developed for the control of power converters.

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