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Elakhdar Benyoussef
Said Barkat


This paper deals with direct torque control based on space vector modulation strategy of a double star induction machine supplied by two three-level diode-clamped inverters. This type of inverters has several advantages over the standard
two-level inverter, such as lower voltage stress on power
switches and less harmonic distortion in voltage and current waveforms. However, a very important issue in using a diode clamped inverter is the ability to guarantee the stability of the DC-link capacitors voltages. This drawback can be solved in
satisfactory way by using multilevel space vector modulation technique equipped by a balancing strategy. Simulations results are given to show the effectiveness of the proposed control approach.

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[1] G.K. Singh, V. Pant, Y.P. Singh, Stability analysis of a multi-phase (six-phase) induction machine, Computers and Electrical Engineering