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R.Senthilkumar R.Senthilkumar
G.M.Tamilselvan G.M.Tamilselvan


Converting the harnessed energy from the environment or other energy sources to electrical energy is referred to as energy harvesting. The need of energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks is an essential issue to be handled to allow adequacy of the innovation in a wide range of utilizations. The maximum energy should be harvested from the solar panels and it should be stored and managed effectively to power the nodes in the wireless network. For this purpose a solution proposed in this paper utilizes a hybrid accumulator architecture that combines the advantages of an effectively controlled "Battery and Ultracapacitorsā€ where the power stream from a li-ion battery is combined with an Ultracapacitors for power upgrade and conveyance to the stack proficiently and using a new adaptive power organising algorithm management of power in the battery and capacitor can be performed. The proposed design is implemented in Simulink and the results show the effect of the hybrid design.

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