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Md. Rashidul Islam
Md. Maksudul Hasan
Md. Shamim Anower
M. R. I. Sheikh


This paper proposes two methods of fault assessment in an electrical power transmission line based on sub-transient current measurement and wavelength calculation method. Accurate localization and quick detection are the two most important parts of fault analysis of electric power transmission line. The fault location can be accurately or precisely evaluated by taking the vantage of current that flows immediately after the occurrence of fault. The fault curve is drawn from sub-transient currents for faults at different locations in the transmission line which acts as a characteristic fault curve for the transmission line. In addition to the former, by decently selecting the sampling time of the signal, fault location can be exactly localized by observing the first bursting point. In this study a 1000km, 230kV, 50Hz electrical power transmission line model was used and simulations were carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.

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