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Arun Kumar
Vimala Vimala
Aravind Britto


Analysing healthcare bigdata is one of the emerging applications in recent days. It is practically identified that the number of patients entering to hospital industry is increasing day by day. So, the data generated for each patient is also increasing. The ratio of doctor and the patient in a day is 3: 50, where a doctor cannot spend more time with a patient for analysing the symptoms and diseases. So, it is very hard to find out the abnormal condition of a patient like high/low heartbeat, blood pressure and etc. Hence patients are not happy with the doctors and their treatment. This problem is taken into account and this paper motivated to design and implement an IOT based patient monitoring system incorporated with Cognitive technology-based Data Monitoring and Transmission (CDTM) as a data analytical model for analysing the healthcare data to predict the abnormal condition. The circuitry system attached in the patient body generates the healthcare data automatically and transmit to the analytical model for predicting the abnormality.

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