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Trupti V.N
Rgahu N
Dr. N Krishnamurthy
Nagendra K


In recent year there has been major development in solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power technology. The increase in penetration levels of PV and wind power on power systems, several researches has been done on various fields in power systems involving system modeling, planning, control and dynamic studies. Due to the technological advancement and the mass production of the equipments like wind turbine generators, photovoltaic cell and power electronic devices, etc. The wind and photovoltaic generating systems have become cost effective for installation and operation. Because of the inherent nature of the wind energy system and the photovoltaic energy systems, the electric power generations from these systems are complementary. Therefore, the hybrid PV/wind power system has higher reliability to deliver continuous power. In case of hybrid isolated systems, the battery banks are necessary to feed the load. Usage of battery banks is not environment friendly as it is bulky in size, has higher costs, limited life cycles, and causes chemical pollution. So the best way to utilize this renewable power is in the grid connected mode of operation. The advantages of grid connected mode of operation are battery banks are not required and the generated power can be utilized locally and excess power can be fed to the grid.
The objective of this paper is to create model and simulate ac-shunted grid-connected hybrid Photovoltaic/Wind power system interfaced through power electronic models

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