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Vincenzo Delli Colli
Fabrizio Marignetti


The traction control is a tool to increase stability and safety of vehicles and it has a greater performance potential
in electrical vehicles than in ICV. Moreover, the traction control allows the EV to operate more efficiently preventing
slippage in acceleration and permitting the use of high-efficiency low-drag tires. The presented approach can compete with
the well-established techniques, but it offers a lighter tuning procedure. This paper presents an approach to the longitudinal
control of a single wheel adopting a configuration based on an adherence estimator and a controller of the adherence
gradient. The presented approach allows tracking of the value of the adherence derivative in a wide operating range without
any knowledge of the road conditions. The work is based mainly on experimental tests. The test rig computes the vehicle
dynamics in real-time and loads accordingly the drive under test. The controller was experimentally verified showing good

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