Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 21 / 2021 - Edition : 1

Editorial :,Vol 22, no1 –of 4 per year - with 20 articles selected, as usual, “by the order of time arrival”.
The diversity of subjects in these selected papers is staggering but they have something in common: applied power electronics; from electric drives, to power quality and power distribution in modern power systems, to automotive applications, robotics , electrostatics, power transformers identification of parameters and forces, new- biologically- inspired optimization algorithms etc.
Many papers have experimental effort but we encourage the authors to prepare more such papers as they tend to have a higher ratio of visibility(“more sweat, more satisfaction”). Strong paper proposals in all domains of “power electrical and electronics engineering” are encouraged but a few subdomains of utmost interest are:
* fast and more efficient balancing of production and consumer requirements in modern power systems with higher penetration of renewable for better power quality(less power black-outs) and less environmental impact at still moderate cost of energy;
* new ways for energy savings in all consumers ( industrial and residential);
* higher torque density and efficiency robotics and residential actuator drives;
* better electric propulsion and actuator drives for all types of vehicular applications;
* medium ad high dc voltage power electronics interfacing/transmission systems of lower cost but good quality;
* better premium efficiency electric motors (for line start applications with limited starting current and moderate cost) and for variable speed drives;
*FEM based optimal design and advanced control algorithms of power electronics and motor/generator control.
Please notice our humble recognition that the number of entries has reduced during the last pandemic year; we hope that this year will be better and encourage you, authors, to upload more strong papers in this still free open access-for authors and readers- 20 year old internet-only international Journal archived by “COSMOS”, a younger but strong and dynamic scholar data processing and storage international agency seated in Germany.
Thanks to contributors-authors and reviewers- for their time and effort during these dire times.
Prof. I. Boldea,
IEEE Life Fellow,
Editor in chief of
Timisoara, Romania, EU, March 2021

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