Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 21 / 2021 - Edition : 1

Banana Plant Disease Diagnosis By Image Processing and Soft Computing Techniques

Dr.Vijayakumar P
Mr.Athiraja A
building electrification
As it is observed that the banana production is affected by various disease condition and causing huge loss to the poor farmers. By using modern technology of image process and soft computing, these can be identified at the earlier stage and appropriate precautions can be taken to avoid further damage and hence increase in healthy production. Through the pre-processing technique, image is input to get normalization and median filter is done to remove the noise. Then segmentation process is done for feature extraction, followed by classification techniques. In this classification techniques two algorithms are used, that is the perceptron and case based reasoning for diagnosis of disease. Then fuzzy logic is used for making decision. Then system evaluation Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) curve is used. Analysis shows Case based reasoning (CBR) algorithm is better than perceptron algorithm.
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