Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 21 / 2021 - Edition : 1

A Case Study of Power System Restoration Problem Using Quantum Inspired Differential Evolutionary Algorithm

Ponnuswamy Thangavelu
Chenniappan Sharmeela
building electrification
The modern power system grid is stable and interruptions are rare. However, a grid collapse can occur due to natural causes or mal-operation of protective equipment or operator mistakes. Grid collapse normally manifests as blackout with generators and lines tripped or brownouts with islands formed with some generation and with power quality issues. If a grid collapse occurs, the visualization of the grid with modern SCADA and advanced communication is the first step followed by offline study for restoration planning using optimal methods, skeleton grid formation, step-by-step generation, and load resumption. In this study, visualization of the grid for connectedness and optimal restoration planning using Quantum-inspired Differential Evolutionary Programming (QED) are discussed with a case study.
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